April 17, 2021 - Saturday 11-3pm PDT - What’s Your Five-Element Personality Type? - with Jean Haner - Webinar

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What’s Your Five-Element Personality Type? With Author Jean Haner

Discover how the spiritual side of Chinese medicine can diagnose your personality – your unique strengths and challenges, what you need to be happy in relationships, what your sacred purpose is meant to be, and most of all, it even provides simple remedies to keep you in balance all your life.

In this workshop with author Jean Haner, you’ll get guidance on why you are the way you are, and practical strategies for creating a life that’s a fit for you. It includes a comprehensive class hand-out with a survey to help you identify your true nature plus jam-packed guidance about how each personality type is intentionally designed to be.

Jean Haner teaches and consults using the little-known spiritual side of Chinese medicine as “acupuncture for the spirit.” In other words, not like a physician treating people’s health, but using these ancient techniques to heal their spirits, solve their problems, and guide them to a successful life. 

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With her over 30 years of study and research as well as experience in doing thousands of personal consultations, Jean is well known for translating this age-old wisdom into ways you can put to immediate use in life. Learn more at

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About Jean

Jean Haner has studied the spiritual principles of Chinese medicine for over 30 years and is known for translating this ancient wisdom into practical solutions for modern problems. She teaches workshops and consults internationally in how to live with love and acceptance for yourself and others through Chinese face reading, birth date reading, energy clearing, and in using the Five-Element map to coach and counsel people. To learn more and to get information on courses, professional trainings, private sessions, or just to say hi, please visit: