August 28, 2021 - Saturday 10-11:30am PDT - Mercury in Retrograde: Discover How The Stars Can Teach You to Live Your Truth, Find Your Power, and Hear the Call of the Universe - with Rachel Stuart-Haas - Webinar

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This event was previously scheduled for June 2021 and has now been rescheduled to the date above, August 28, 2021.

Join astrologer, artist, and author of the new book, Mercury in Retrograde, Rachel Stuart-Haas for an evening amongst the stars!

From lunar logic to retrograde real talk, eclipses to asteroids, Rachel will break down the astrological phenomena that impact your day-to-day life. She'll touch on topics like aligning your energies, astrology for self care and how auspicious celestial moments affect our lives. You won't want to miss this stellar event!


Take-Away from the event:
- A break down of the astrological phenomena that impact your day-to-day life
- Discussion around how to use astrology to align energies and practice self-care
- Rachel's astrological predictions for 2021
- Astrological readings (limited)


About Rachel Stuart-Haas:

Rachel Stuart-Haas is a professional artist and astrologer who currently lives in Louisiana. She earned her BFA in design/illustration from The Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri. Since then, Rachel has focused her time and energy on producing one-of-a-kind paintings that portray her intuition towards the obvious and the ethereal.

She has been fascinated with astrology since she first laid eyes on Linda Goodman's Love Signs in the eighth grade and after years of working with top astrologers, Rachel launched her own practice, with clients that span the globe. Rachel lives with her husband David, their children Ivy and Liam, and her devoted basset hound, Louie. Visit her online at



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