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January 22, 2022 - Saturday 10-11:30am PST - DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE - The essence of Diana is explored in a completely new light! - with STEWART PEARCE - Webinar

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DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE throws a new light on the most famous woman of her time, as well as drawing you to your own dazzling transformation, your own authentic signature note, and your own illuminated soul radiance.

For the first time, you will discover the truth about Diana’s extraordinary essence: what created her love, and what were the secret keys that focused her destiny?

For these same keys can be used to focus your destiny, in order to help you find the voice of change within you, a voice that resonates through your whole being, superbly assisting you to live your soul’s purpose – for this is the legacy that Diana wanted you to have!

Take-Aways from the event:

  1. Feel support from the Divine Feminine archetypes and DIANA, aiding you with all the conscious changes that are taking place in your life at present
  2. Discover your signature note - the Song of Your Soul - which will bring you into harmony allowing the I AM PRESENCE to fly awaken within
  3. Experience what Diana Princess of Wales used to empower herself from victim to victor
  4. Hear how Diana gained freedom from oppression and became a force of liberation that literally shook the world
  5. Sample the powerful empowerment meditations, affirmations, and prayers that Diana used to help her radiate such light
  6. Define who your exemplars of LOVE are, in order to support you through our world of the GREAT SHIFT


STEWART PEARCE - Master of Voice, Angelic Emissary, Spirit Wayshower, Stewart was Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy London from 1980-1997, helped pioneer Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre between 1997-2010, and has coached luminaries such as Actors: Eddie Redmayne, Matthew Goode, Hugh Bonneville, Sir Mark Rylance, Vanessa Redgrave, Michelle Williams. Statespeople: Margaret Thatcher, Mo Mowlem, Anita Roddick, Benazir Bhutto, Diana Princess of Wales, Marianne Williamson. Stewart has published a series of self-empowerment books, and his newest work DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE became an Amazon best-seller in January 2020 and was published in NYC in 2021.

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This is an online event. After you pay/register the zoom link will be sent to you via the email you registered with. A replay of this event will be available to all registrants and sent out the week after the event.