July 6, 2022 - Wednesday 1:30-3pm PDT - Learning the Line and A New Way of Living in the Wisdom of Your Akashic Records - with Ashley Wood - Webinar

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Join Ashley, author, Akashic Records channeler and teacher, for this unique workshop to learn how to trust yourself, guide yourself and live a soul-aligned life!

Whereas past instruction on accessing the Akashic Records often involved layers of preparation and ceremony, through her channeling Ashley was shown how to receive immediate guidance by aligning with the frequency of your Line - an energetic connection with your soul's Akashic Records - and here she will teach you how to do this as well. You will walk away from this workshop feeling inspired and grounded and with a new sense of connection to the simple messages from your Highest Self that you’re receiving every moment of everyday.

Takeaways from the event:

  • Learn how to receive your Messages from your Highest Self through the Line with simple techniques
  • You’ll walk away with the simple practice of a Line Activation to receive guidance from your Highest Self, anywhere, anytime
  • Find a clearer understanding and deep trust of your purpose, the reason you incarnated in this life, your gifts and how to feel connected to yourself in a deeper way than ever before
  • Understand your multidimensionality
  • Finally, begin to trust yourself, love yourself and guide yourself

    About  Ashley Wood:

    Ashley Wood is the cofounder, alongside her creative collaborator Ben Wood, of A Line Within, a platform dedicated to supporting others in using their Akashic Records to understand their soul journey. Ashley hosts The Line podcast, a weekly show where she shares channeled teachings and tools for living in alignment with your soul. She resides in the Interlake, Manitoba, Canada. For more, visit

    Get your copy of, The Line: A New Way of Living with the Wisdom of Your Akashic Records, HERE!


    This is an online event. After you pay/register the zoom link will be sent to you via the email you registered with. A replay of this event will be available to all registrants and sent out the week after the event.