June 21, 2022 - Tuesday 5:30-7pm PDT - Gaia Light: A Summer Solstice Workshop - with Sara Wiseman - Webinar

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The longest day of the year is brimming with heat and light. On Summer Solstice, we are called to fully inhabit our human bodies, to connect with the animal world, the plant world, the weather world—to all of the chorus that is Nature. We come together to give gratitude and respect to Gaia.

Within this enchanted portal, we become aware that everything communicates, everything is breathing and vibrating together. All of Gaia is One, and we are all part of this.

As we connect on this energetically charged evening, we understand that we are sharing sacred healing as has been practiced since ancient times.

During our Summer Solstice Workshop, we will use reflection, journaling, and meditation to receive messages from your spirit animal, receive messages from Nature, renew our connection to all of Gaia, and to bring the heat and light to the season to come.

Everyone is welcome: come as you are. If possible, please bring a small piece of nature with you, or participate from a natural environment.

Take-Aways from the event:

• Celebrate Summer Solstice with kindred souls
• Receive messages from your spirit animal
• Receive messages from Nature
• Renew your connection to Gaia
• Gain clear purpose for the season ahead

About Sara Wiseman:

Sara Wiseman is a visionary spiritual teacher and the award-winning author of numerous books on spiritual intuition.

The founder of Intuition University, she has taught hundreds of thousands of students worldwide via her courses and training. Sara writes the Divinestrology and Intuitology blogs and hosts the popular Ask Sara and Spiritual Psychic podcasts. She lives in Oregon.

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