March 06, 2021 - Saturday 10-2pm PST - Awakening to our Oneness with the Universe - with Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell - Webinar

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Embracing the notion that "we're all in this together" has been a pervasive theme over the past year throughout the entire globe. This interconnectedness in the physical world is a reflection of the oneness we share through consciousness. There is a consilience in the scientific and philosophical communities studying consciousness that implies a unity of mind pervading the entire universe. Consciousness underlies all of existence, and the nonphysical realm can no longer be dismissed. This spiritual force, the binding force of love, is all around us and offers a constant source of support, even when we're socially isolated -- if we know how to utilize it.
As we emerge from the emotional and social cocoon imposed by the COVID virus, and work collectively to rebuild lives, opportunities naturally emerge. 
How can we integrate our personal lessons and experiences with a renewed sense of interconnected reality? By cultivating a relationship with our inner world, it becomes clear how the inner and outer worlds are critically interdependent. 
In this workshop, Dr. Eben Alexander will discuss:
-the brain's role as a filter of consciousness
-insights from his near-death experience
-scientific support for the primacy of mind.
Using Sacred Acoustics brainwave entrainment audio recordings, Karen Newell will:
-reinforce the necessity of generating personal experience
-explore the heart's crucial role in moving us away from the linguistic brain to access profound insights.
Learn how collective mind energies, together with heart wisdom, create a resonance that unites us so that we can move humanity forward, acknowledging the oneness and interconnectedness of all – leaving no soul behind.
This is a virtual event held via Zoom. You will receive the zoom link via email upon registering. 

Interview Clip for Introducing Eben & Karen!
Meet Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell in this YouTube video. Bhima had fun talking with them, and we are looking forward to hosting them!!