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March 23, 2023 - Thursday 5:30-7pm PDT - Entering the Aquarian Age: Living Your Soul Purpose in a Radical New Reality - with Sara Wiseman - Webinar

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The Aquarian Age has officially begun, and we are feeling the changes in all aspects of the outer world. Yet what is happening for each of us, on a soul level? If you have begun to feel the mometum of radical change, you may be wondering—what exactly are we supposed to doing during this new era? What are we supposed to understand? What is our unique soul purpose—our contribution to the whole—as we embark upon this astonishing new reality?

As we teeter at the edge of the collective soul awakening that is arriving during the Aquarian Age, we are asked review all that we have learned before—and preview where we are headed in our next evolutionary step.

During our Entering the Aquarian Age workshop, we will use reflection, journaling, and meditation as tools to explore this profoundly different future—not just in the practical everyday, but in our inner worlds, from a soul perspective. What does this new age mean for our intuition, empathy, telepathy, channeling, consciouness, healing and awareness of ourselves as collective soul?

Note: this is not an astrology event. We will work with messaging and visioning that we receive from the Divine realms. If you are curious about what lies ahead, not just for yourself but for all of us, please join us as soul pioneer! All are welcome; no previous experience necessary.


• Review what we've expeirenced collectively in the past
• Notice what's leaving, ending and falling away
• Preview the new spiritual reality we're moving into
• Discover what old ideas you are being asked to let go of
• Discover what new ideas you are being asked to open up to
• Experience a deep meditation on your personal role in The Aquarian Age
• Receive clear messaging on your unique contribution to this new world


Sara Wiseman is a visionary teacher of spiritual intuition, and author of 16 books on psychic and spiritual awakening.
The founder of Intuition University, she has taught hundreds of thousands of students worldwide via her books, courses and training. Sara writes the Divinestrology forecast and hosts the popular The Mystic School and Spiritual Psychic podcasts. She lives in Portland.
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