March 29th, 2024 - Friday 6-7:30 PM PDT - Hope for the Warrior: Wisdom to Find Our Way Home to Ourselves and What and Who we Love - With Char Sundust - In-Person

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The way of the Warrior is to stand for what is good, just and lasting.

How can we embrace connection and unity in our warrior work together?

We will explore different tools to access wisdom and hope to carry us through the hard work of loving.


  • Wisdom for the Warrior
  • Accessing states of comfort
  • Ways to access visionary leadership


Char is the spiritual director and founder of Sundust Oracle Institute. She is a mystic, poet, teacher and provides training for visionary leaders, healers, warriors, and teachers. She provides ceremonies for convocations, graduations, and the celebrations and life passages all human beings experience. She has a healing practice integrating ancient and cutting-edge technologies so more healing modalities are available, as all healing begins with the soul. Char works with many cross-cultural practices. She comes from a rich, cross-cultural heritage which has inspired her to create programs for people to recover and discover their ancestral roots and spiritual identity and apply these learnings to support a deeply personal spiritual practice that can be applied to change our internal world which creates positive change in the external world.

This event will be held at East West Books & Gifts at:  110 3rd Ave. N, Edmonds, WA 98020