May 15, 2021 - Saturday 10am-2pm PDT - Exploring Your Exceptional Human Experience - with Dr. Suzanne V. Brown - Webinar

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Exceptional Human Experience (EHE) is the umbrella term for over 400 different types of anomalous, strange, even otherworldly experiences investigated by Dr. (hon.) Rhea A. White and Dr. Suzanne V. Brown.

For this interactive workshop, Dr. Brown begins with a brief overview of EHE Theory followed by a short self-quiz with discussion. Brown will then take you through the EHE Classifications and Stages to help you organize your experiences.


After a quick break, we will visit the EHE Process Traveler's Map in detail. This Map can help you further discover more about your Life's Journey—your challenges, gifts, and what your experiences may be communicating. Taken together, today's tools and revelations may inspire you further to compose your EHE Account/Autobiography.


Take-Away from the event:

  • Review of EHE History & Theory
  • Self-Quiz & Discussion
  • The 5 EHE Classes
  • The 5 EHE Process Stages and Beyond
  • Locating Your Process on the Traveler's Map
  • Tools for Writing Your EHE Account/ Autobiography


On Sunday, May 16,  Suzanne will provide individual sessions assessing, consulting, and advising on the best ways to incorporate your own EHE's to advance your spiritual journeys forward in a safe, loving, and joyful way

$90 for half-hour and $150 a full hour.


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About Dr. Suzanne V. Brown:

Dr. Suzanne V. Brown originally hails from the Pacific NW. Educated in the fields of Psychology and Parapsychology, and as a lifetime experiencer herself, she wrote Rhea A. White in 1988 to request literature on Synchronicity. After White moved to NC from NY, she asked Brown in 1995 to team up incorporating the EHE Network. Their work has been credited for bringing scientific credibility and psychological safety in what was formally stigmatized as freak oddities.
After White's passing in 2007, Brown continued the development of the EHE Process Traveler's Map and published three books, including Everybody's Exceptional, Including You! This third book is dedicated to White's dear mentorship. Currently, Brown lives in the Phoenix area and consults worldwide organizations, universities, and individuals on EHE.


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