May 22, 2021 - Saturday 11-3pm PDT - The Art of Classical Siberian Shamanism - with Jan Van Ysslestyne - Webinar

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Shamanism has been variously mystified, glorified, obfuscated, and misunderstood.

When all is said and done, the art of shamanizing can be developed by anyone. It's nothing special, except in the way that we are all unique individual travelers. According to the Tungus people, this is part of your natural human endowment.

In this intensive one-day workshop, you'll deepen your understanding and practice of journeywork as taught by the people who gave the word 'shaman' to the world. There are no 'techniques' to the original teachings but rather an enhancement of your own intuitive and instinctual senses that allow safe entry into and out of the spirit worlds.

Their way is a gentle, heartfelt path that helps you discover and express your soul's song. We'll introduce the drum spirit, personal spirits who guide you, how to journey, and specific trance states that allow natural entry into the other worlds.

We'll also unlock the drum's language, the voice, and its mystical coherent frequencies.

The workshop is created for either a beginner or advanced student. All you'll need to have is a drum and an open mind when you begin your travels down this ancient road of self-healing.

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Learn more about Jan and her work in this insightful interview!

Purchase Jan's fascinating book here.

Jan Van Ysslestyne teaches the cultural foundations and classical shamanistic traditions of the Ulchi peoples of the Amur River region, Eastern Siberia. She is a fluent speaker in the Southern dialect of the Manchu-Tungus language spoken by this group. She lectures through the University of Washington, Burke Museum, Antioch, and Bastyr College in Seattle, Washington.  She also presents classes open to the general public in various venues. Her publications have appeared in Shaman's Drum, Indie-Shaman, and Sacred Hoop magazines. She is a contributing author to the book "First Fish, First People, Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim," University of Washington Press. She recently authored "Spirits from the Edge of the World, Classical Shamanism in Ulchi Society," Pathfinder Communications.  Published in August 2018, it is the first ethnographic manuscript that explores the details and practice of animistic shamanism in this region of Eastern Siberia.

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