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May 27, 2023 - Saturday 11-12:30pm PDT - The Place of our True Abiding: Healing the Ancestral Communion with the Land- with Caitlín Matthews - Webinar

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The Place of Our True Abiding: Healing the Ancestral Communion with the Land - An Online Talk with Caitlin Matthews

Date and Time: Saturday 11am to 12:30pm Pacific, 7-8:30pm British Time

Ancestors are not only human but also animal, plant and the land itself, as well as spiritual presences who are not incarnate but who have their own abiding. These ancestors form a collective of wisdom that is contactable within the landscape and at certain nexus points.

This sacred ancestral continuum exists out of time and space, but many have lost their communion with this totality of being. Reconnection to this communion is found through the sacred land, with which everyone can find connection and specific ancestral contacts.

Through pilgrimage, spiritual patterning and meditation with these contacts, we restore the ancestral communion to the benefit of all that is. Caitlin will also lead a meditation to explore this communion deeper.