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November 20, 2021 - Saturday 10am-2pm PST - The Mastery of Self - with don Miguel Ruiz, jr. - Webinar

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The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom & Breaking Old Agreements

This is an in-person and online event. Choose whichever option works best for you, we have limited space for in-person FYI. You'll receive the Zoom link either way and the replay recording of the event. A replay of this event will be available to all registrants and sent out the week after the event.

The Event location: Ananda in Bothell (at Yoga Hall)  – 23305 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell WA 98021


The ancient Toltecs believed that life is perceived as a dream. You live in your own personal dream, and all of your dreams come together to make the dream of the planet.

A modern-day interpretation of this means that you all live in your everyday reality as an individual, and as individuals come together to create a community, a family, or a society. Being a member of this bond requires not only the willingness to engage but also the willingness to contribute with your effort.

You cannot give what you do not have; the type of effort you give depends on the mastery of self.

Join Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., bestselling author of The Mastery of Self and The Five Levels of Attachments to wake up and liberate yourself from illusory beliefs and stories to live with authenticity. Apply these lessons in everyday life to begin to heal and bring harmony into the dream that you co-create with everyone in your life, starting with yourself. Gain insights to:

  1. Become aware of the infinite possibilities of life
  2. Recognize how your attachments have created your reality and impacted your expression of love
  3. Stop creating your identity based on the opinions and judgments of others around you

This life-changing spiritual experience is a gift for yourself. Go beyond fears and find the courage within to go through anything in your life. Find out how to maintain strength and stay faithful in love and life. Discover the art of not taking things personally and become the love of your life.

Take care of the source that motivates your efforts, yourself. Become the master of self with willingness to see and love yourself for who you really are at this very moment.

Let go of pretending to be something you are not for the sake of someone’s judgment, including your own. Gain self-acceptance, the opportunity to heal, take care of yourself, and let go of anything that holds you back.

The key to success is effort. Effort is using the energy that animates your body and mind to create something in life. Discipline is applying that effort every day to harness and evolve your craft. Success is following through on that effort.

Become woke, liberate yourself from illusory beliefs and stories, and live with authenticity. Once released, you can live as your true, authentic, loving self, not only in solitude and meditation, but in any place, situation, or scenario that confronts you in your daily life.

Gain awareness of how your attachments have created your reality and impacted your expression of love. Cross thresholds that your self-doubt said you could never cross. Take back the power of your will. Make new agreements that are more in line with your true authentic self. Use your awareness to heal the wounds that have impacted your relationships to bring harmony into your life as a master of self.


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