September 15, 2022 - Thursday 5:30-7pm PDT - Creating Your Life on Purpose - with Anodea Judith - Webinar

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Most people think of the chakra system as a path of transcendence, climbing step by step to higher consciousness. But few people understand how the downward path through the chakras brings that consciousness into manifestation of your highest ideals, creating the life you want – on purpose – and in alignment with your life’s purpose.

Learn the practical steps that can be applied to any dream, whether personal or global, and discover how to create a life and a world you can love.

Anodea Judith, PhD. is the author of 9 books on the chakras and a globally recognized teacher whose courses have reached 163 countries.

Takeaways from the event:

  • Learn how the arc of evolution is taking us back down toward the earth for healing and awakening.
  • Discover how the chakras map the manifestation process in an elegant, downward flow.
  • Learn the practical steps to bring your dreams into reality, in 12 major areas of your life.
  • Discover the common obstacles to creating on purpose and how to turn them into stepping stones.

    About Anodea Judith, Ph.D. :

    Anodea Judith, Ph.D. is a globally recognized teacher, with a master’s in psychology and a doctorate in human health. She is author of 9 books on the chakras, psychology, energy, yoga, and social change, including the best-sellers WHEELS OF LIFE and EASTERN BODY-WESTERN MIND. Her newest book is CHARGE AND THE ENERGY BODY. Her live and online courses have reached students in 163 countries and her books are in 28 languages.

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