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Vedanta 101 and Rishis of India - April 21, 2022 - at 7-8:30pm PDT - with Murali Venkatrao, Ph.D. - AnandaWA

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Thursday, April 21, 7-8:30 pm. In-Person or Online.

Have you been curious about Dharma (righteousness) and Karma? And Atman (Soul), Brahman (Spirit), Advaita (monism), Reincarnation, Dukha (Suffering) and Moksha (Liberation)? These terms, some of which have entered everyday vocabulary, are first explained in ancient books which are collectively known as Vedanta. Even the famous Bhagavadgita and the teachings of Yoga have Vedanta as their source. These truths were intuitively perceived by ancient rishis (a Sanskrit term for God-realized souls) of India.

In this two hour class, we will give a grand tour of the Vedanta and the wisdom of these rishis through both stories and scriptural quotes. We will emphasize especially the relationship of Vedanta to the teachings of Yoga and Meditation.

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