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Home to seekers from all wisdom & healing paths since 1989

At East West, we are guided by the axiom, ‘Know Thyself.’ Universality is our middle name. We seek to be a home for people to discover diverse and unique spiritual paths, lifestyles, and practices, including meditation, new science, modern psychology, yoga, alternative healing. Our goal is to support all in their journey to discover the Joy, Love, Peace, and Wisdom that are the essence of the True Self— in short, to“Know Thyself!”

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Wednesday, we're launching a weekly 'Storytime' filled with captivating, imaginative, and inspiring stories! While children of all ages are warmly invited, we will be specially curating for our young friends 3-5 years of age. Join us for a delightful journey your little ones will love!

During the days surrounding Valentine's Day, a special chance arises for us to express love for the meaningful things in our lives. Our crystal buyer recently attended the Tuscon show, and once the gems arrive, we'll be hosting an exciting crystal show! Stay tuned for upcoming events! 🌟


Come and visit the store to appreciate the featured artist of the month!

Ryan Hamburger
“The Artifice of Nature”In creating these hybrid floral studies I hope to express beauty in all its strange forms. These creations are a mix of Mandalas, science-fiction, and sacred geometry; all in wrapped up in a thick skin of leather, for protection. Resilient in their unnatural beauty, they hope to be worthy of examination and praise. However, they have thick skins in case you disapprove of them.


Tuesday - Saturday | 11 - 6 pm
Sundays | 12 - 5 pm
Address: 110 3rd Ave. N, Edmonds, WA 98020

Upcoming Events

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March 01, 2024 - Friday 6PM-8PM PDT - Super Session Patterns from Your Past Lives… Living in Your Present Life.png__PID:b80d37bf-6544-4eb5-b750-3fdcd748854d
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Copy of April 27, 2024 - Saturday 11-1pm PDT - TELLING THE STORY AGAIN The Myths of the Mabinogion - With Caitlín Matthews - Webinar.png__PID:1305f977-b657-4235-a014-89b7799d237a
Hope for the Warrior Wisdom to Find Our Way Home to Ourselves and What and Who we Love - With Char Sundust - In-Person.png__PID:52f96b85-2b5d-448f-9bfb-f2c4cd1f166f