Crystal of the Week: Amphibole Quartz - by Shaun Rose

by EW Staff

Amphibole Quartz, otherwise known as Angel Phantom Quartz, is a rare mineral beauty found only in Brazil. It is known as an opener of one’s senses and visionary capacity. If you resonate with Angels or Spirits or any of the ascendant, realized beings, this type of included quartz lends itself to supporting your communication with the Holy ones. If you are working on expanding your consciousness these crystals make wonderful assistants in that pursuit.

Amphibole Quartz are among the most dramatic looking of the included quartz, which is clear or smoky quartz that contains other minerals within it. The possible mineral inclusions include: Limonite (yellow-peach); Hematite (red- orange); Kaolinite (white); Lithium (mauve- pink); Actinolite (dark green, black) and Chlorite (forest green). The inclusions within Amphibole Quartz can look like wisps or angel wings. Some pieces are reminiscent of the drama of the geologic rock structures found in the Southwest, with their atmospheric swirls of gold, orange, and red rock caverns

Amphibole quartz is more of an expansion stone, a higher energy stone, versus a grounding stone or a stone for protection. Although the Hematite inclusions found within the stones do provide a grounding influence, this one is mainly cerebral, or connected with the higher mind of the third eye and crown chakra. They are quite uplifting, as they are able to help to connect us to our higher selves. It is said that Amphibole Quartz is a great crystal to have in a home or workspace to help induce a cooperative, joyful environment. It would also make a great tool for lucid dreaming or positive dreams in general.

The shop currently has a nice selection of Amphibole Quartz to choose from.

Shaun Rose is East West's crystal buyer.  She will be present for the Crystal Show this weekend - Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st - and hosts a monthly crystal class.  The next class will be on Thursday, Dec. 12th.

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