Cultivated Hippy is a hand-crafted line of Seattle-made spiritual beauty products created to offer vibrational support for the mind, body and spirit. The soaps and sprays are intended to lift and shift energy.

The beginnings of Cultivated Hippy can be traced back to one of the most difficult years of my life. I credit the daily use of essential oils with gently and lovingly helping me through a period of significant loss and spiritual crisis. 2008 was the muck at the bottom of my pond that the lotus of my own personal and spiritual growth required to be cultivated. Like many of us on the spiritual path, I’ve met with numerous significant losses and challenges, and the ones that showed up that year were some of the toughest. This is when I began working with essential oils.

I’d already known about the calming benefits of lavender, and following my intuition, I also started using Clary Sage. I’d been gifted an oil diffuser years earlier and it sat unnoticed in my life up until then. I got it out of its box and starting diffusing Clary Sage every day. I loved being able to administer this self-care that was supportive, natural and highly effective. It felt like the universe was giving me a hug. This daily ritual of using essential oil gave me the strength to make it through this dark time.

A few years later, I found myself on the path of Intuitive Healing.

The experience of using essential oils as emotional and energetic support for myself during that terrible year found its way into the energy work I was doing with my clients. I started offering aromatherapy during our sessions. I also started experimenting with making soaps and sprays as a way to offer a portable energetic support for my clients. I was so excited that my clients could be empowered to continue to support themselves from an energetic standpoint on their own with these simple yet powerful tools. My clients loved them!

Cultivated Hippy offers three Soaps and three Lift & Shift Sprays, each with a distinct essential oil blend offering specific energetic support. In the future, I hope to expand these offerings, and I welcome requests and suggestions!

Discovering the power of essential oils in a time of darkness in my own life shaped my personal growth and opened the pathway to offer the spiritual tools of Cultivated Hippy soaps and Lift & Shift Sprays to others. For this, I am deeply grateful.

Cultivated Hippy offers handcrafted Soaps and Lift & Shift Sprays made with love and intention using high quality natural ingredients, including therapeutic grade pure essential oils, clay colorants and reverse osmosis water. Each item is inspired by a spiritual experience and is created to offer support from an energetic perspective, to Lift & Shift the vibrational energy of you and your space. Each item is infused with Reiki in a sacred pyramid ceremony with the intention that you receive the energetic benefit that is right for you. The packaging is biodegradable. You can find Cultivated Hippy Soaps and Lift & Shift Sprays at East West Bookshop in Seattle and online at Etsy.

Cristine Hahm is an Intuitive Psychic Healer and the Creator and Chief Artisan of Cultivated Hippy. She offers a variety of skills and services to support others as they navigate transformation and find more joy. Healing Sessions and Spiritual Consultations are offered over distance and at her Healing Sanctuary in West Seattle. She is skilled as an Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Sound Healer and practices Shamanic Visioning to empower her clients with messages, clarity and guidance. Cristine offers Energy Clearings, teaches classes in Reiki and working with crystals, and is certified as a spiritually-focused Clutter Clearing Coach in the Linn Method. Cristine is currently writing her first three books, guidebooks for seekers based on her own experiences with finding joy, learning to heal and grow from common empath challenges, and finding her way to deeper connection and healing through shamanism. Find her on Instagram @CultivatedHippy and at her website www.healingcollective.us