Happy Birthday, Leo!

by Deni Luna

Everyone has Leo somewhere in their chart. Where do you shine? Where do you unintentionally step on someone? Where are you secretly learning to garner courage? Leo is a more complex sign than people realize. As astrologer Linda Goodman said, there’s a lot more to Leos if you look past their breezy confidence and that deceptively lazy look in their eyes. Think J-Lo.

Uttering the phrase “Happy Birthday, Leo” will bring a bright smile to any Leo’s face. Try it. Leo (and the fifth house) rules entertainment, fun and celebrations. No surprise that Leo is ruled by the Sun.

Leos love bringing the light into a room. They love seeing the divine spark within you – and bringing out that spark. Therefore, they make wonderful coaches and cheerleaders. 

They’ll laugh through adversity. (OK, they can also be drama kings or queens. But pay no mind when they enter a theatrical mode. In a real crisis, they’ll calmly face death – just like that movie heroine.) Leos are also generous, energetic, and loyal. In other’s language, that may translate as spend-thrift, loud and emotionally blind. But say what you will about Leos – the world needs more positivity and joy. More light.

Now here’s a secret about Leos. They may brag about their sign and talk a big game. But they don’t REALLY mean it. They’re just having fun. So when you see a Leo celebrate their birthday SEASON (rare is the Leo who only celebrates one day), it’s not because they think they’re more special, it’s because they love celebrations.

Then there are the quiet Leos. The tasteful Leos, like Jackie Kennedy Onassis, with her bouffant hair and whispery, cultivated voice, who refused interviews. She was still the Queen of Camelot (the whole Camelot theme of JFK’s presidency was reportedly her idea) and she had the spotlight. So the next time you see a quiet Leo, ask yourself if they’re getting more attention that way. After all, actors know that stage whispers attract an audience more than shouting.

If you are a Leo woman, you are a wonderful mother and most likely, have an unusual career as well. You will probably serve on a board or two, or give generously to your community – and your heart-felt activities are one of the secrets to your perpetual energy and joy. If you are a Leo man, you probably are surrounded by successful, unusual and brilliant women, who gravitate toward your intelligence, creativity and natural executive skills. Leo rules children. So Leo parents are considered the “fun parents”. But make no mistake – they insist on their cub’s best behavior. Rare is the Leo parent who will not raise a talented, gifted child. They will not fail to tell their children they are destined for greatness. They get to the heart of the matter and rarely have discipline problems with their children.

I’m a Leo myself – and one of my proudest accomplishments is raising my daughter (who has five planets in Leo herself). On the rare occasion that she needed reprimanding, I simply asked her what punishment she thought her “crime” merited. She came up with far worse punishment than I would have – and then followed through on her own. Linda Goodman said Leos know how to spare the rod and not spoil the child.

Many astrologers are Leos – Sydney Omarr and Alan Leo among them. So there’s no lack of information about Leos written by Leos. On Monday, August 12 from 7-8 pm, East West will have a free Leo birthday party. We’ll tell you the real lowdown on Leos – and where Leo is in your own chart – as presented by EW’s Leo psychics – Deni Luna and Rainee Osborn.

Join us at the birthday party. There will be Whole Foods chocolate cake and gifts for everyone – free of charge. After all, Leo rules parties.
(RSVP to East West, if you can – so we can bring your goodies for the PAR-TAY!)

Deni Luna is a consultant at East West.  She provides tarot readings, astrology consultations, psychic mediumship, and lip-print readings. She is available Monday mornings for private sessions. 

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