Holidays During a Pandemic - by Jeanine Horton

by EW Staff

The Covid-19 pandemic is still very much alive and thriving through out the entire world. All this time in almost total quarantine has taught me to be much more aware of all my senses. I can hear the sounds from the plants and all the birds in my garden much louder than ever before.  

I am much more self aware and have more introspection. What really hit me was this Christmas.

I can not leave goodie bags full of treats on my dear neighbors' door steps and I cannot visit my friends for a nice Christmas Eve dinner as usual. I thought, Christmas is canceled. But NO! I realize it is just as important as always, just different. This year all is more heart felt and more meaningful. A dear friend of mine has taken the time to tell me via text or phone calls very often that she thinks about me and that she cares about me. As a single person living alone that means the world to me. This made me realize it is super important to reach out and send sincere messages anyway we can, to let all those we care about know that they are not completely alone during this time. Let them know that you have them in your heart, and that we are all in this boat together.

Remember that no matter how incredibly hard it is to live through these conditions, all this time is healing our planet in many more ways than we can imagine.

One way to refresh your spiritual energy is through meditation and distant Reiki. I am a Reiki master and take distant Reiki appointments on Sundays from 12:00-4:00 at the East West book shop website. Be well 🙏

Jeanine Horton
Reiki Master/ Healer

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