In June of 2015, Lauren Walker, author of Energy Medicine Yoga and Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription, hosted a class at East West Bookshop. Coming out of the 5 hour “Pro-Aging & Detox” workshop, I was bubbling with new energy and new information. I felt clearer, lighter and as if I was a new person. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone I knew about it. The burdens, the toxins, the emotional baggage, the years of pain and discomfort in my body faded away that night. I had gotten used to going to sleep and waking up every morning with neck tension. That was the first night I went to sleep without any pain. When I woke up the next morning and throughout that day, I was still relieved of the tension and was bubbling with joy. While I had already studied yoga and Energy Medicine separately, this was my first experience practicing them together, and started my journey towards becoming an EMYoga instructor.

So what is Energy Medicine (EM)? EM uses a wide variety of healing techniques that tap into the different systems of your body. Some is derived from Chinese medicine, some parts have been around for ages, some is intuited, and many other techniques are continuing to be discovered by Donna Eden and others as time goes on.

Many techniques are based on the flow of energy in your meridians and meridian energy points that govern your organs. Energy Medicine borrows techniques from many traditions such as Chinese medicine, reiki, pranic healing, yogic philosophy, and Vedic and Hindu teachings. It also works with the energy systems of the astral body; the elements, the electrics, the meridians, the radiant circuits, the basic grid, the chakras, and auras. Energy Medicine involves holding, tapping, tracing, rubbing and massaging the physical body to work to impact the astral body. Similar to acupuncture and acupressure, doing these “exercises” daily helps keep your channels clean and brings you back to center.

Think of it this way...Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating and flowing. The moment you start to feel pain is the moment your body is trying to tell you that the energy is stuck: the energy has stopped flowing in a certain area. Energy flows through your entire body and through all your organs. When the energy is not flowing properly, your body starts to work less efficiently and it is easier for sickness and disease to come, for you to feel exhausted and fatigued, and to feel depressed and anxious. I hear this saying over and over again: give your body what it needs and it has the power to heal and take care of itself. It can’t be truer than this. 

I hear countless stories from those who have come in contact with EM about how it changed their life. EM has been effective for people on death row, patients with incurable diseases and mental illnesses, and is useful simply for handling daily stress.

The best part about EM exercises is that they are simple, accessible and straightforward. Depending on your current daily routine, you can do as little as 5 minutes of EM techniques as soon as you wake up or do them lying in bed. Even if you cannot do them, you can modify them, focus just on the breath or visualize them and get the same results.

The original work of EM techniques come from Donna Eden, who has taught countless workshops, certification classes and wrote the book Energy Medicine. Yoga teacher Lauren Walker was inspired and able to weave these techniques into her yoga practice to create a dynamic and powerful healing flow. That was the birth of EM Yoga.

If you do yoga regularly, you have already experienced the powerful benefits. Now, imagine adding a second powerful healing technique on top of that. Talk about deeper releases and clearings! Energy Medicine practitioners know there is an immediate difference in how your body feels after practicing these techniques. EM clears even the deepest emotions and toxins buried within you. With EM Yoga, you now have a one way ticket to healing and optimal health. There is no turning back. Like Lauren Walker said during class, “once you start the journey, you cannot stop. There’s no such thing as ‘going back to sleep’.” When you are taught to take care of and heal yourself...when you are given all the tools you need...when you become aware of who you are…and when you become aware of your beautiful body… healing truly happens. Open the gates, let it flow and let it go. Mixing yoga and EM is like “adding my peanut butter to your chocolate”, as Lauren often says.

"Who knew a couple thumps, taps, and tracing on the body could be so powerful? There is a point you start to realize…. there’s something here. And it’s so easy to do and understand that you wonder why the whole world hasn’t caught on yet."

I invite you to come to one of my classes here at East West Bookshop. I am certified in both Ananda Yoga and EMYoga. In my classes I create a healing and safe space for you to come and dive deeper into your personal journey. Come as you are, no matter your level or experience. I offer crystals and essential oils for you to use during the routine. Each class I teach is always a little different, depending on the season, the astrological forecast, and intuiting what my students need as I plan the classes. The intensity of the classes also will change depending on who comes. I am flexible to meet the needs of my students. After all, this is my sacred offering and service to you, to teach and help support you on your personal healing journey and spiritual quest.

After reading this article, perhaps you are curious to try a bit of energy medicine! Click here for a link to Donna Eden teaching the daily energy routine. This routine takes only 5 minutes to do once you’re familiar with it. It jump starts your energy, clears away fatigue, and gives you the strength to go about your day with joy and vitality. We do this at the beginning of each class. Try it out and let me know how you feel.

Most people will feel a big difference in their energy. If you don’t feel anything right away, try it for a couple days to a week. Takes notes in your journal. Perhaps even do it twice a day, morning and evening! Now, if you do feel dizzy or nauseas afterwards, it usually indicates that your body is not used to your energy being shifted or aligned—similar to the effect of going to a chiropractor for the first time or going on a detox cleanse. If your body is used to being out of alignment it will complain when something shifts! If this happens, place one hand on your forehead and take the other hand, with 3 fingers, rest the fingers in the throat notch, the hollow between your collar bones. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth for a couple minutes. This is also a great technique to use when you feel overwhelmed, anxious or having a deep emotional release. Hold these points and breathe deep.

I am excited to hear everyone’s journey with EM and how it has helped them. Let me know! Thanks for reading. Blessings to you,

Shaefeather Windsong

Shaefeather Windsong is a certified Yoga instructor and EMYoga teacher. She hosts an Energy Medicine Yoga class on the last Wednesday of each month from 7:30-9pm at East West Bookshop. You can register for her classes in person or on the East West website.