How to Choose a Psychic Reader - by Deni Luna

by EW Staff

No matter how psychic you are, you can benefit from the opinion of another psychic. Even the best psychics sometimes ask for other opinions. None other than Edgar Cayce, called “America’s Greatest Psychic,” did so. In fact, Cayce recommended checking with two other psychics. That’s what he practiced himself.  

If you’re just starting out, you might be wondering – how can you find the best psychic for you? Rest assured that it’s easier than you think. The Universe has probably already chosen a few good matches for you. As a psychic, I sometimes dream of a particular client. It doesn’t always happen. But occasionally, I’ll communicate with someone’s soul on the higher plane before we meet on the physical plane. In those circumstances, it’s as if they have a particular problem to solve and they’ve already asked the Universe for help.

Here’s my best tips on what to do—before, during, and after your reading. 

1. First, even before you consult a psychic, be specific about your questions and set an intent. Is there a higher principle or goal that you want to achieve? Is there a lesson in your circumstances? And are you asking the Universe to bring you that lesson in a difficult or easy way? Dream on this. Third, write down your most important questions. During your reading, state your most important question first. Often, clients save the most important question (e.g. that delicate relationship issue) for the end, when time is short. Formulating your questions, intent and priorities, all help you find the right reader.

2. Choose a reader the same way you would choose your best friend. In fact, you seek us out for a few minutes to play the role of your best friend. Occasionally we’ll hear, “You know things about me that even my best friend doesn’t know.” A good friend lets YOU be YOU. A good psychic will honor your own instincts, intuition and circumstances, while affirming your own journey and path to self-fulfillment. A good psychic reader can point out pros and cons of various routes, but major decisions are yours. So while it’s tempting to ask a psychic to recommend marriage or divorce, in the end, it’s your final call.

3. Look for a reader’s particular expertise. If you’ve identified specific questions, you’re one step ahead. It’ll be easier to find your best reader match based on subject matter expertise or specialty. For example, if you want to speak to a deceased friend, consult a medium. Although all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. If you want a past life reading, seek out someone who specializes in past life readings or who can view the Akashic Records, which glimpses your personality and soul in and between lives. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you may be not relate to an Akashic reading. Even readers in specific specialties can have vastly different styles. Angel readers may use cards or just see angelic energies as colors and feelings. Other Angel readers may bring specific messages direct from the angelic realm. Tarot card readers may or may not be psychic (although most are.) That’s not a bad thing – because you can get a good reading based on the synchronicity of the cards. Some people prefer to just let the cards talk. Other readers may get straight messages and never use cards or use them as affirmations or backups. Again, it’s your choice, your preference. If you’re a visual learner, you may gravitate toward the imagery of the cards or runes. If hearing is your strongest sense, you may want a talkative, expressive reader who is an engaging storyteller. If you are touchy-feely, you may love that angel reader who brings in a presence that you can palpably feel.

4. To get the most of your reading, it’s okay to hold back a little information from a psychic, but don’t hold back too much. Letting your psychic know when he or she is on a roll keeps the energy flowing. Specific questions and a brief history generally move a reading along. If you’re too skeptical, it can block messages from coming in. And you’ll miss out on what could have been a great experience.

5. The best reader connects you to pure SOURCE. Good readings energize you, making you feel lighter, wiser and brighter. Moreover, a good reader helps you stay in your own power.

6. Don’t ever give away your power to a reader. Less than one percent of readers are truly unethical. But I’ve run into two or three charlatans that I would not recommend. Under any circumstances. Most unethical psychics get outed fast (we talk). But they can be very convincing – and many people are vulnerable at certain points in their lives. Knowledgeable, educated people who are discerning in other areas of their lives, can fall for a disarming psychic. If a psychic ever wants to charge you high fees “to remove a curse,” run! Another scam involves asking you to turn over money so its energy can be cleared. The psychic “promises” to return the money to you as soon as the energy is cleared. If you ever experience something like that – get the police involved! Those are extreme examples, but they happen. Thankfully, they don’t happen very often. But if one person is saved from a scam, it’s worth mentioning.

7. Stay calm. Too much drama impedes a good reading. A good psychic strikes a balance. They will bring calm to your decision-making. They allow you to see the good and bad present in every situation. If you’re faced with a challenging situation, take heart. Know that in a time of crisis, the Universe has equipped you to handle circumstances. Cayce said, “Our greatest strengths are disguised as our greatest weaknesses.”

8. Trust the Universe. As far as choosing a reader, the Universe may already have a plan for you. When I was starting out as a reader, I was invited to join a psychic fair. I’d never done a psychic fair before and I wondered if I was up to the challenge. So the night before, I asked for guidance. Occasionally, I employ a form of divination known as Bibliomancy. That is, I open books at random for the right message. In this case, I opened the dictionary eight times and got eight specific words. The next day, exactly eight people came to me for readings. One by one, in exact order, I gave them keywords from the night before. In each instance, their keyword summarized their reading. I vividly remember the last reading of that day. The eighth and last keyword was “Star.” During that final eighth reading, the client showed me a brilliant blue bead with wonderful energy. As he held it up, in my mind’s eye, I saw a star with 12 points of light. Three points shone especially bright. However, the overall effect was complete. A wave of satisfaction and content washed over me. The client explained that the bead was from Essene times around the time of Christ. In total, he had purchased three beads from the same merchant, on three separate journeys to the Holy Land. Now he wondered, should he return to the Holy Land and buy another bead? He no longer had the necessary funds, but he felt a certain sense of obligation to try to buy all 12 beads. I explained my vision of the perfect 12-pointed star. It was beautiful and complete with three bright lights and nine softer lights. Likewise, could he be content with just three beads? I pointed out that the keyword chosen for him the night before, was the word “Star.” He smiled. He hadn’t gotten everything, but the Universe had given him more. That vision of a Star shining in another realm, guiding him.

Since then, I haven’t doubted that the right people and the right messages will emerge. Choosing a reader might be easier than you think. Who or what gives you energy, positive vibes? Trust your guidance. Then honor yourself and your intuition.

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