How to Love What You Hate

by Colby Wilk

Some problems don't seem to want to go away. They may disappear for a time only to reappear.

Some might call it Karma, others "The Cross We Carry", but we know the truth. It sucks to feel stuck. What is your perennial challenge: love, career, money, health or purpose?

You may be the woman who can not seem to find a quality romantic partner or the man who can not figure out his purpose, passion or right vocation. Sure, she may have a few dates, even get into a relationship for a time, but finding her mate, her "true life partner" still seems out of reach. He may try multiple careers never finding his place or his purpose. Meaning and "true real wealth" elude him.

All of us on Planet Earth revisit the same problem over and over in an attempt to learn a soul level lesson. Maybe you had money problems in your 20's and now in your 40's you are better off financially, but you still have the same concerns you had in your 20's. In your 20's you may have worried about the rent, borrowing money from parents,and friends. Now in your 40's you may make more money, but still have the sense of not having enough. You worry about your funds for retirement and debate if you can afford a nice vacation or you should stay close to home and resort to day trips.

How do you change what seems unchangeable? Many of us have read books and bought tickets to seminars in an attempt to resolve what seems unresolvable. It may be possible to change a perennial challenge or it may be your karmic job to accept this is what life is. Regardless, the prescription is the same..find freedom.


Bring your attention to love. You don't need a new puppy or lover to access love. Love is the universal energy, the energy that binds the multiverse together. Bring your attention to love and your vibration will change. You will feel better, suffer less and perhaps, maybe attract better, different circumstances.

But, you may be asking, "How do I bring my attention to love when I am suffering with a problem that is so old, is so familiar. I am so tired of being stuck. How do I love what I hate?"

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