Interview with Jaya Sarada

by Aditi Muir

The following is an interview between Jaya Sarada and Sarah Grace Powers, the blog manager at East West's sister store "New Renaissance," in Portland.

Q. Jaya, tell us about how you were drawn to this path of spiritual and soul healing.

A. I was so blessed to have a mother who was profoundly spiritual. I grew up in the gentle and sacred town of Ojai, California. We were Theosophists, students of God and of Wisdom.

I began going to India in my early 20s with my mother. During my many travels to India, I deepened my devotion to God, making a soul commitment to bring more light and love to this world and to serve in any way possible to alleviate suffering.

I became an Energy Healer with numerous certificates in the healing arts. This deep devotion inspired me to write several books on healing and transformation.

Over the last three years, I have been channeling beings that have identified themselves as The Council of Light. Through these inspirations, I have continued my writing with The Sacred Path of Peace, The Sacred Path of Love, and most recently, Divine Soul Awakening, with Sacred Oracle and accompanying Empowerment Journal.  

On Thursday  night you will provide us with a multi-dimensional healing experience. What will this involve, and how might this healing affect us in our lives?

Your “Light Body”, or Merkaba, is your pure Divine Energy, your vehicle to travel through lifetimes. I will share ways to activate and strengthen your Light Body through ascension methods such as core light breathing, vibrational healing sounds, sacred oils and a process of letting go. The evening will conclude with a channeled ascension meditation. Everyone will receive a Daily Light Body Tune up handout for their use at home.

Both events include energy healing and teaching to help participants release pain from current and past traumas. Do you think this is a key component to connecting with one’s own Divine Light?

Divine Light is the very force that dissolves misidentification that is the cause of great sorrow. When you strengthen the Light, your soul’s gifts become activated and are integrated into your Luminous Aura.

In Saturday’s workshop, I will assist participants to identify “Soul Loss” and will offer each a unique prescription to strengthen and support their Light Body. I will share how to restore their life force through soul affirmations and the receiving of Divine Power.

This is a path of ascension, raising the soul to a higher vibration, so true healing and transformation can occur.

How might participants integrate the healing and learning they experience as they move forward in their lives?

I will share methods of energy scanning, how to listen to your body and intuition, daily clearing and soul-reconnection, plus affirmations and meditations.
I will guide them to stabilize their being in the Sacred Space of the Heart, their highest essence, so they will always remember who they are.

Jaya Sarada is a spiritualist and energy healer.  She will be hosting two events at East West Bookshop in October: on Thursday, Oct. 24, she will be hosting Sacred Energy Healing and Soul Reconnection - from 6;30-8:30, and on Saturday, Oct. 26, she will be hosting Sacred Energy Healing Workshop - The Healing Power of Your Heart

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