No other stone is quite like nuummite, one of the recently discovered stones of the “New Consciousness.” Nuummite shows distinctive qualities, as the oldest mineral on Earth!

Although rare, nuummite sits inconspicuously near the entrance of East West Bookshop, available for less than a Venti coffee ($4). Like most people, I might easily have bypassed it without thinking.

Fortunately, nuummite let its presence be known.

As one of East West’s in-house psychics, I often help customers choose an appropriate crystal. I love doing this! So when a customer walked in, requesting a stone for protection, I gladly volunteered my services. I didn’t have to search far. I felt an immediate strong pull from one of the plain black rocks. I bent a few shelves down, to get a closer look at the rock that had “broadcast” itself so loudly.

Nuummite. I hadn’t heard of it before. Curious, I held it. Immediately, several scenes flashed. In a sweeping vision, I glimpsed the blackness before Time itself, then Earth spinning into Creation.

“It’s like Earth, forming from the Void,” I said. “Yes!” the customer agreed, pointing out nuummite’s subtle flecks of pyrite, glinting like stars.

Quickly, we searched through crystal reference books in the store. Judy Hall, author of “101 Power Crystals” says, “Nuummite carries the power of the void, which holds potent magic to be used with respect and right intention. In ancient creation myths, matter is born out of the void, formless space that existed before the material world.” Apparently, as Earth’s oldest stone, nuummite carries a strong consciousness of emergence from the void

Nuummite is known as the “Sorcerer’s Stone.” (I use the word “sorcerer” in its original meaning devoid of the “dark arts.”) Nuummite works with all of the chakras, balancing them together. It is particularly good for visioning and higher thought processes of wisdom (third eye/sixth chakra), courage (third chakra) and claiming power (second chakra). Nuummite cleans auric and etheric fields, resonating on both high and low frequencies. It is wonderful for grounding during deep change.

The customer thought this stone was perfect for her. Nuummite is protective and addressed her other issues. She had recently moved to Seattle. Optimistic about her new start, she still feared the unknown. What better way to honor her new life than nuummite – symbolic of Creation itself.

Nuummite is hard to find. Until recently, it was sourced only in Greenland near the capital city of Nuuk (where nuummite gets it name). Searchers can find it only by first traveling by boat at low tide, before their steep ascent into the remote mountains with heavy excavation equipment. No wonder that, although it’s earth’s oldest stone, nuummite was only discovered in 1982.

Between three and four billion years old, this power stone seems especially apt now. At this time (during heavy planetary retrogrades), many people are undergoing change, wrestling with long-hidden shadows. Nuummite is a stone for inner journeying and outer adventures. For clairvoyants, it’s a gazing stone, changing in the light. Enigmatic, it is both old and new. Like the Aquarian Age itself, it helps one to blend with the masses and shine with the stars. Hold nuummite and experience a Oneness as ancient as Time itself.