Our world is made up of vibration and frequency which is why when we hear a singing bowl, we are instantly thrown into a meditative state. In our society we struggle with the fine line of balance. We attempt to balance work, personal life, and our personal priorities, but in the end, most people feel exhausted and burnt out. After all this stress, how can we recalibrate? Listening to the soothing and meditative sound of the singing bowls! These beautiful bowls emit vibration and frequency that helps our brains downshift into a theta state. In this state, healing is possible while creating a calm and centered presence. Since we are often so far removed from being in a grounded state, we forget just how different it can feel from our routine lives.

As a musician, I believe that music and sound are the best ways to change a mood, erase a bad day, and become motivated. Beyond just erasing the negativity of a stressful day, when I play the singing bowls, I know that I'm tapping into my own frequency and giving my mind and spirit the chance to recalibrate. There is nothing like being able to play the bowl and focus on that one golden sound to help me find clarity. I firmly believe that we are all musical beings and our bodies are instruments; in this way, when we hear the singing bowls played, it is just a reflection of our own divine frequency and that's why they are so powerful.

Our bodies vibrate and emit frequencies that we are unaware of, with the beating of our hearts and the process of inspiration and exhalation. Therefore, just as a musical instrument needs to be tuned, so do our bodies. Listening to a singing bowl is one way to remind ourselves of the simplicity of just being alive and that it is enough to just breathe

After many years of working with sound, playing the singing bowls has taught me so much about the power of presence in each moment. As a culture, we have to think of the future, plan ahead, move ahead, but when we hear a singing bowl it brings us back to the present moment. When I play the singing bowls, magic can happen in that I am able to be present for those around me. It is this ability, to forget the laundry list of the day, forget the stress of the week, and just to know, it is enough to breathe and listen, that is so powerful for me. When I am able to share this with others during a sound bath, I know that the vibrations that are created within that space ripple outward and that like the butterfly effect, the grounded state that comes with listening to the bowls helps remind us of the simple pleasure of being present. Sound is truly medicine for the spirit.

Maria regularly hosts singing bowl sound baths and concerts at East West Bookshop. This Thursday, September 27th, she will be co-hosting a Singing Bowl Sound Bath and Yoga class with Shaefeather Windsong.