Timing, Intent, and Manifestation: Lessons for the New Year

December 29, 2023

Timing, Intent, and Manifestation: Lessons for the New Year

2024 is a pivotal year, personally and collectively. Moving forward requires intent, timing and a bit of manifestation magic.

Celebrate with East West on January 1 at 11:11 am!

Set your intention for a wonderful new year, with East West’s January 1 Zoom event. Digital doors will open early with a pre-show at 11 a.m., with the official start at 11:11 a.m. This is an auspicious time for new starts, as 11:11 sightings signify spiritual awakenings.

This timing is auspicious for another reason. For a few minutes around 11:11 am Seattle time, the cosmic ascendent hovers at 22 degrees Pisces.

Through an astrological signature called the Sabian Symbols, this degree represents “a man bringing down a new law from Mt. Sinai.”

At 11:11, we’ll join together with candles lit by successive generations of the World Peace Flame. (Free candles are available at East West). We’ll hear inspiring stories from spiritual leaders – from true encounters at Mt. Sinai to cross-continental peace journeys to simple, powerful gestures in ordinary life.

Then, we’ll reflect and create our own manifestation map for 2024 – using Vision Boards and goal-setting in the company of professional coaches, counselors,
intuitive readers and fellow travelers.

Your Tribe:

You’ll be with a supportive tribe while discussing the do’s and don’t of goal-setting, astrological timings and manifestation. This human-centered approach is designed to show you astrological energies in a new way.

Among those you’ll personally interact with:

  1. Lori Aletha – At age 94, Lori still runs Northwest Psychic Fairs, among America’s earliest psychic fairs. Starting the fairs wasn’t easy.
  2. Lin - Destiny tapped her for her spiritual awakening – at the first 11:11 Gateways, begun globally by Solara.
  3. A surprise guest who will recount her own spiritual miracles on Mt. Sinai.
  4. Dove John – Prompted by a dream, Dove was the first African American to walk across the US for peace. She followed a similar journey on two other continents. She also produces astoundingly beautiful music, as a Grammy Award nominee.
  5. Sue Minahan – Co-host of this event, Sye also hosts Talk Cosmos, a podcast and radio show on You Tube and KKNW. She brings her light, innate curiosity and lively personality to several initiatives.
  6. Dr. Erin Ahlen Rooney- Back at East West with her indispensable wit and wisdom.
  7. Elizabeth Muschett – KKNW astrologer and metaphysician who owns one of the largest private astrological libraries (approximately 4,000 volumes).
  8. Miki Keogh – Co-host of Intuitive Together, Miki specializes in angel messages. As a wellness practitioner, she has developed advanced skincare, hair and spa products and retains Hollywood A-listers as clientele.
  9. Justin Crockett Elzie – Co-host of Intuitive Together and a KKNW astrological commentator, Justin is an advanced metaphysician who brings compassion and practical sense into his work.
  10. Neil McNeill – Co-host of Intuitive Together and an insightful Tarot practitioner.
  11. There’s more, including some notable guests and heart-filled non-profits like Cultivate South Park who will join us for our Peace Flame ceremony. We’ll show film clips of Northwest favorites and recent East West highlights.

Prepare Now for 2024.

Set your intent early. Here are some other New Year’s highlights you can enjoy until the January 1 class.

  1. Celebrating the New Year is a series of moments. Start now, with the Quadrantid meteor showers (25 shooting stars per hour now, building to 80-200 an hour on January 3-4) and wish upon a star. In the Bible, angels are stars – the same word is used for both. For guidance on when and where to find the meteors, try an App like Sky Tonight.
  2. The Seattle Center hosts its annual fireworks show at the Space Needle. This year, a 10 pm light show at the Seattle Center Fountain will be headlined by DJ Supreme La Rock. With his big heart and love-ly tunes, he is a master at working a crowd into collective harmony.
  3. Start setting your goals early. Collect pictures for your 2024 vision board, so you can get that ball rolling. At the very least, begin to dream about goals. Before you fall asleep, program your subconscious to advise you about your goals. Some of your best thoughts may come when you are rested and your imagination feels unrestricted.

Register for East West’s New Years Day event!

By Deni Luna

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