What is Lipsology?

by Deni Luna

You can tell a lot from a kiss. Your kiss print can reveal the real you -- personality, work style, energy level, projects, internal self-talk, and more. How can you cope with physical/health barriers? Are you living up to your potential? Should you move or change jobs? You can tell 100+ things about you from your kiss print. Many people are surprised at the accuracy of an intuitive lip print reading (about 97%).

Lipsology is the art and science of lip print reading, as founded by Seattle’s own Jilly Eddy. Now retired, Eddy began collecting lip prints 40 years ago and studied several thousand prints including stars such as Johnny Cash and Mick Jagger. After 10 years, she found interesting patterns. Creative people had certain lip marks in common. Technical people, another. People who bristled under micro-management had lip marks different from patient people. Lip prints looked different for impulsive people vs. cautious types. Crisis-driven vs. those who detested loud noise. Each had their own lip prints.

 A Chance Meeting

I never would have guessed that I would become a Lipsologist. About 15 years ago, I had the honor of meeting Lipsology founder Jilly Eddy at the Boeing Employees Parapsychology Club (BEPC) Expo. My life has not been the same since.

Initially, I was skeptical. But the Universe apparently wanted me to learn. I taught at Discover U and arranged for Jilly to teach there. The college asked me to monitor her class, so my first Lipsology course was free. The rest is history!

What convinced me to eventually become a professional lipsologist was the reaction of people who had a reading. They loved lipsology! Typical reactions were: “Spot -on accurate!” “Scary accurate!” “You know me better than me.” Today, I am one of eight certified lipsologists and I’ve read lip prints across the country, from Grand Central Station to Hollywood. One British tabloid called me “Lipsologist to the Stars.” Lipsology itself has been featured on Dr. Oz and in hundreds of media reports. This spring, we held the first international Lipsology conference in Seattle – and I’m excited to be part of a growing study. When Dr. Oz featured it on his show, he said Lipsology would be useful for med students to learn.

Here are some common questions:

Why get a Lipsology reading – versus Tarot ?
As a reader, I like how Lipsology gives me a comprehensive overview quickly. At one glance, I can see several dozen things. When people come to me with career questions, Lipsology is useful for assessing talents and gifts. By combining Lipsology with other methods like mediumship or Tarot, you can get an in-depth view.
Lipsology has another advantage. Unlike a crystal ball reading, I can show my clients the markings, signs and symbols visible in a lip print.

How is it done?

Put on lipstick (or clear Chapstick.) Kiss paper three times. Number your prints in order. That’s it!

How does it work?
Lips are connected to 43 facial muscles and specific brain centers and networks throughout your entire body. Combined with your specific lip shape, pressure, speed, position, etc. the possibilities are endless.

Are lip prints a mirror-like replica of my lips?
No, lip prints are not an exact replica of your lips. For example, Mick Jagger’s kiss print is not exceptionally big. Mick’s lip prints show that he is creative, theatrical, and business-minded.

Can your lip prints change?
Your lip prints are a snapshot. They can vary over time, just as the lines in your hand can change (with the exception of your fingertips). Past, present and future indications will show in a lip print. However, Lipsology is primarily useful to assess current conditions.

Periodic updates are recommended. For example, a stay-at-home mom had triangular prints (prefers to stay in the background, assisting others to succeed in their usual ways). One year later, she decided to really clean her house and once she eliminated the clutter, she started her own business as a home organizer. Her lip prints morphed into rectangular prints (great organizers).   

What will your lip print show?
Each person’s lip print shows something different. Lipsology shows not only hard skills e.g. technical abilities, but soft skills e.g. how you deal with people, your ability to listen, kindness, humor, focus and passion. What do your lip prints tell you? How do you light up the world?

Deni Luna is a former national television reporter turned intuitive coach/reader. She holds a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Atlantic University (Edgar Cayce’s university). She is available at EW Bookshop each Monday from for Lipsology, mediumship, astrology, Tarot and other readings.  She also co-hosts Intuitive Tuesdays with Justin Elzie, the first Tuesday of each month. 

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