As a tarot reader and intuitive energy healer, I am frequently asked about how I became intuitive.

I wish that I could tell you a fun story about how I would talk to dead people when I was young or how I was always able to see people’s auras, but my story is not that exciting. It actually took me many years of learning and deep self-reflection to get to where I am today, to learn to trust my intuition and then open my mouth and tell people what information I was picking up on.

My life has been a quest to learn and explore. I took lots of classes, went to different churches, read lots of books, traveled; I was trying to make sense of the world around me. But I never felt satisfied, like I wasn’t ‘getting it’. It wasn’t until I started to apply the teachings to my life did I feel satisfied. Up to that point I kept everything theoretical, but like a good Virgo I needed to have proof and a felt experience of what I was learning.  

When I started applying all the tools I learned over the years I started to become more in tune with the messages I was receiving, which then strengthened my intuition. I started with grounding. I was always in my head thinking, worrying and over analyzing. I needed to get into my body, so I learned to ground. I imagine tree roots coming out of my feet and going into the earth. I ground until I feel the stability and love of mother earth. This helps me to stay calm and to be less reactive to events around me.

Once I was more in my body I became more in the present moment. I then began to notice more details and subtle changes to my body, which became the framework for my intuition. Because I was more present, I started to notice how much I complained, about me, about life, about everything. So I started re-framing the messages in my head. When I noticed the complaining in my head I would stop and say, ‘How can I say that differently?’ This has been so important for my intuition. My thoughts were holding me back and keeping me scared. When I noticed I was complaining about not being intuitive, I would stop and say, ‘What if I was intuitive? What would it feel like to be intuitive?’ These new messages made a big difference. I was retraining my brain and creating new habits.

These new daily practices of grounding and re-framing are the foundation for all that I do. I have learned to pay attention to the energy in my body, so when I interact with someone else, I am able to separate what information is from me and what I am reading from someone else. This is the groundwork for my intuition and this is what I love to teach people!

To help increase your intuition, I’ve developed the High Vibe Card Deck. This deck has 60 fun, easy ways to lift your energy to experience more joy, and are available at East West.  These are the tools I use all the time to help me become more in tune with my body so that I am in a space to receive intuitive information.

I am also about to teach an online course that is the basis of my work. Vibrational Mastery is a class that will teach you about your energy body through energy medicine so that you can harness the wisdom from your body. The course is 7 weeks long with an extra bonus class. The online, in person class starts May 1st and ends June 26th.

Please follow the link for more information about my class!

Love to you on your journey!


Becky is a Tarot reader at East West Bookshop.  You can call the store to book an appointment with her.  She reads on the Second Sunday of each month. The High Vibe Card Deck is also available at East West Bookshop.

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