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Jeanine Horton



Jeanine has been doing Reiki on adults and children for years, both in English and in Spanish. Born in WA, She moved to Spain at a young age, where she lived for 17 yrs. During that time she was immersed in the Spanish culture and became very fluent in the language. Living for an extended period of time in both Spanish and US cultures has taught her how to deal with many unexpected situations and how to understand people from all walks of life.

Reiki can help you dig as deep as you want to get rid of old baggage, or perhaps you just need some time to thoroughly relax and enjoy the peaceful feeling.

Let her help you replenish your old energy with fresh energy.

$95/ 60 minutes, $50/30 minutes.

Jeanine es una Reiki Master y ha estado ayudando a adultos y a niños desde hace años tanto en inglés como en español. Nacida en EEUU, se mudó a España de pequeña, donde vivió por 17 años. Ahí aprendió la cultura y el idioma muy fluidamente. El haber vivido en ambas culturas le ha enseñado cómo tratar situaciones no esperadas y a tratar a personas de todo tipo.

Reiki le puede ayudar a llegar a niveles profundos, o quizás solo le hace falta un tiempo de relajo y disfrutar de la sensación de paz.

Permita que le ayude renovar su energía vieja con nueva.

$95/60 minutos, $50/30minutos


Jeanine Horton

Reiki  Master/ Healer