Consultations with Kelly Glab


Receive a revitalizing and nurturing Reiki treatment/Intuitive Reiki/Intuitive Counseling session with Kelly Glab.

Reiki is a Japanese healing system where the practitioner channels Universal Life Force Energy, then offers it to the recipient for their Highest Potential and Healing. It can be used to heal people and animals, as well as to clear and bless homes.   Reiki can also be sent to the recipient at a distance.  Reiki heals for the Highest Good the physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual levels of the energy field.  Intuitive Reiki is deep process work and intention setting which is incorporated into the Reiki treatment.  Intuitive Counseling can be helpful in establishing recommendations and a path forward that has heart, as well as clear direction, details, and boundaries in place to maintain a safe space of personal power.

30 minutes - $60
60 minutes - $120
90 minutes - $150

Contact Kelly Glab to reserve your spot.
443-995-8798 or

To learn more about Kelly Glab and her energy healing Reiki practice, One Light Healing, please refer to her website.


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