Consultations with Mimi Pettibone

Mimi Pettibone - Dream Interpretation, Tarot and Relationships at East West Bookshop

Dream Interpretation, Tarot, Relationships, Life Path
$85 hour $45 half hour, $25 for 15 min.
Call East West Bookshop at 206-523-3726 or 1-800-587-6002 for available appointments. 

MIMI PETTIBONE is a professional dream interpreter and tarot reader with a background in spiritual psychology, relationships and communication skills. She is naturally empathic and intuitive, and has had precognitive dreams since she was a small child. Her understanding of symbolism, metaphor and the human psyche, combined with training in humanistic and social psychology contribute to her readings and consultations.

Dream Interpretation

Our dreams can help us solve problems, understand our relationships, and come up with creative ideas. They can also give us spiritual and psychic experiences that transport us to other realms. Mimi provides a cutting-edge dream work experience that takes the dreamer to new levels of awareness within themselves, as well as being able to explore some of the more unusual dream phenomena. Profound change can happen when we experience the messages from deep within our own psyche.


Tarot Reading

Like a dream, the tarot conveys messages through symbols, stories and metaphors, which are the language of the subconscious mind and the intuitive realm. During a consultation we will explore thing in a way that facilitates creative thinking and problem solving. We are all living a story, and a reading can show us our own story from a new perspective, helping us gain new insight in a surprisingly accurate and uncanny way. While the cards may show us potentials and possibilities, we have the free will to create the life we desire.



Mimi draws upon her background and training in Transactional Analysis, a humanistic, social psychology focused on relationships and communication, to offer relationship consultations that clarify dynamics of relating and communicating. Relationships of all types can be improved: romance, friendship, family, work colleagues, social acquaintances, and even the search for a good partner can benefit from the right understanding and resources. You will be given constructive tools for improving relationships and communication skills, and will likely improve your relationship with yourself in the process. Being able to identify what triggers us, learn new ways of responding, and being given tools for navigating all of the various forms of relationships can help us lead a more peaceful and fulfilling existence.


Life Path

My goal is to help you connect with your authentic self, and the various parts within you, to help identify and clear up sources of internal conflict. This makes life’s decisions and navigation much more clear in the process. I want you to live your life in alignment with your true self, and help to manifest your dreams and goals. We all have experienced things that have taken us away from the essence of who we truly are. We may not have been allowed to be a certain way growing up, or had to make difficult choices along the way, and so we adapted to survive. Yet there continues to be a sense that something is missing, until we find our way back. I use tools from Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistics Programming, hypnotherapy, Voice Dialogue and more to work with both the conscious and subconscious mind, helping you to return to your authentic self to live the life you were truly meant to live.