April 27, 2024 - Saturday 11-1pm PDT - TELLING THE STORY AGAIN: The Myths of the Mabinogion - With Caitlín Matthews - Webinar

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Pacific Time: April 27, 2024 - Saturday 11-1pm

British Time: April 27, 2024 - Saturday 7-9pm

The stories Mabinogion are a rich quarry for the core myths of the British tradition. They do not remain stationary, but find their way into other times, as we can see in the Dream of Rhonabwy where the battle of Badon is replayed.

As we tell the stories again, something happens to the listener, as the myth strikes home, new-minted in our imagination. Caitlín, who is the author of a definitive two volume mythic study of the Mabinogion, Mabon & the Heroes of Celtic Britain, and King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land, will range across the mythic terrain of the Mabinogion, seeking the motifs that resonate strongly with our time. We will conclude with a meditation, Sacred Treasures.


  • Dive into the mythic world of the Mabinogion
  • Find the blessings of the story
  • Reconnect with the ancestral myths

About Caitlín Matthews:

Caitlín Matthews is the author of 85 books including The Lost Book of the Grail and Celtic Book of the Dead. She is co-founder of FíOS, the Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies, dedicated to the sacred and unwritten arts. She teaches shamanic and ancestral courses internationally, and has a shamanic healing practice in Oxford dealing with soul-sickness and ancestral fragmentation.
www.hallowquest.org.uk and www.hallowquest.subtack.com.

If you can’t attend live, the webinar will be recorded, and the replay link will be sent out following the eve