February 24, 2024 - Saturday 10-12:30pm - TRANSFORMERS: The Sacred Science of Ancient Temples - with Freddy Silva - In-Person

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This is an in-person event hosted by East West at Ananda in Bothell. Address is 23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy Bothell WA 98021. Call 425-806-3700 for directions. There is free parking on-site and overflow parking day-of at Grazie Restaurant next door.
People have visited sacred places for thousands of years to experience their special energies, to heal, or to elevate their consciousness. But how exactly do ancient temples do this?
Do they attract some exotic force and, if so, how does it interact with people?
In this presentation we shall travel to many sacred places around the world to examine how ancient cultures sensed these ‘increase centers’, the ways in which modern technology detects telluric currents, and how this energy amplifies the human sense of perception.
For thousands of years this spiritual technology has enabled a more direct connection with the subtle universe.

Freddy Silva is a bestselling author, researcher of ancient systems of knowledge, and documentary filmmaker. A worldwide keynote lecturer for two decades, he is also a regular contributor on Gaia TV.
Take aways from this event:
-Understand how sacred space works
-the mechanics behind ancient temples
-subtle energy and its influences

About Freddy Silva

Freddy Silva is a bestselling author, and leading researcher of ancient civilizations, restricted history, sacred sites and their interaction with consciousness. He is also the leading expert on crop circles.

He has published eight books in six languages, and produced fourteen documentaries.
Described by one CEO as "perhaps the best metaphysical speaker in the world right now,” for two decades he has been an international keynote speaker, with notable appearances at the International Science and Consciousness Conference, the International Society For The Study Of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in addition to appearances on Gaia TV, History Channel, BBC, and radio shows such as Earth Ancients, Fade To Black and Coast To Coast. 

He leads sell-out tours to sacred sites in worldwide.