Intuitive Together - with Deni Luna, Justin Elzie, and Miki Jacobs - Recurring Webinar

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You're invited to a special event: Intuitive Together with Justin Elzie, Deni Luna & Miki Jacobs.

Experience the intuitive insights of East West's Psychic Panel: Justin Elzie, Miki Jacobs, and Deni Luna. 

The show includes a live psychic panel and personal messages. Tips on upping your psychic skills.  The show weaves in psychic mediumship, angels and guides, numerology, a wellness meditation, sound healing, and more. Strong messages are coming in from Hermes – so be prepared for Hermes' healing advice in practical forms – plus some entertaining laughs. Special appearance by sarcastic sidekick "Miki, the Sarcastic Psychic."

Once you register, send your birth information (date, time, and place) to so we can have your chart ready.

Cost $25  Portion of proceeds goes to East West.

We'll send you Zoom log-in details and class materials. Doors to our sacred space open 15 minutes early.


This is an online event, held through Zoom. Meeting ID and password will be sent via email upon registering.


These events happen every month around the full moon!

Friday, September 9, SPECIAL START TIME 7:15pm Pacific
Saturday, October 9, 6pm Pacific
Monday, November 7, 6pm Pacific
Wednesday, December 7, 6pm Pacific

Please choose from the box below to find the date that you would like to participate.