October 18, 2024 - Friday 5:30-7:00 PM PT - The Gabriel Messages: Welcoming the New Expansion of Your Consciousness - Sara Wiseman - Online

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The changes you are feeling are real. Accelerated spiritual awareness is currently arriving to everyone on the planet—not coming from old sources or pundits, but coming through all of us—every being, at every stage of awareness. Our consciousness is suddenly open all the time—when we dream, meditate, do our spiritual practice, and especially when we allow our Divine messengers—spirit guides, angels and helper beings—to communicate with us directly. Sara will share key teachings from her new book, The Gabriel Messages: Channeled Wisdom for a New Age that explains why we suddenly feel and know at an expanded level, and why our collective consciousness has become more real than our egoic mind. Sara will also teach easy, reliable ways to channel Divine guidance from your spirit helpers, to help support you during this time.


• Why everything suddenly feels different
• Why our consciousness is unmistakably connected
• Why collective soul is suddenly in our awareness
• What this change means for old paradigms
• What this change means for you personally
What won’t come with into this new age
• How your Divine guides will support you now


Sara Wiseman is an intuitive, channel and visionary teacher of spiritual intuition. The founder of Intuition University, she has taught hundreds of thousands of students via her books, courses and training. Sara hosts the popular Spiritual Psychic Podcast. She lives in Portland, Oregon. For a FREE mini course, visit www.sarawiseman.com