October 28-30, 2024, Mon-Wed - Atma Buti Level 3: Learn to Heal with Singing Bowls with Suren Shrestha

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Level 3 : Learn to Heal with Singing Bowls Course

Atma Buti® Courses - Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy Techniques

Class Schedule:
Monday, October 28 |10am - 5pm
Tuesday, October 29 | 10am - 5pm
Wednesday, October 30 | 10am - 5pm

This event is located at the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga located at 23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy Bothell WA 98021

In the Level 3 Sound Healing Course, we will continue to practice protocols and deepen our connection to our clients.  We have practiced up to now paying attention to all aspects of our sound therapy sessions.  In this course, we will expand upon the skills you have begun to acquire from Levels 1 and 2.  We explore developing mindfulness as we interact with our clients by observation, communication, and responsiveness.

We want to become more aware of  “the space in between” where healing can take place.  In this course, we will set out protocols to help induce a state of well-being through emotional releases and integration with mind, body, and spirit.  The emphasis at this level is to develop our intuition and creativity in sound healing sessions.

Prerequisite: Previously completed Level 2

Cost:  $1,494 (Includes tuition and manual)

About the Instructor:

Suren Shrestha was born in Nepal, about forty-five minutes southeast of Mt. Everest. He grew up in a village from Nepal called Khandbari. In this village people were healed by herbalists, monks, and medicine men using shaman’s drums, gongs and mantras.

He came to the United States as a teenager, attended college and received a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He married his beautiful wife Ruby Shrestha, who worked in the healthcare field. They both began to notice the growing interest in alternative medicine in the U.S.

Suren returned to Nepal to learn how to practice ancient healing techniques that use sound and vibration. He studied and completed apprenticeship about singing bowls under several different teachers in Asia and Nepal. After learning about the singing bowls, then he wished to share this knowledge with others. He began teaching and wrote the book, How to Heal with Singing Bowls.

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Learn to Heal with Singing Bowls Course (Atma Buti® Courses - Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy Techniques)

Level 1 | October 22-23, 2024, Tue-Wed

Level 2 | October 24-25, 2024, Thu-Fri

Level 3 | October 28-30, 2024, Mon-Wed