The God Solution: The Mechanics of Metaphysics

March 22, 2021

The God Solution: The Mechanics of Metaphysics

CJ Liu interviews NEALE DONALD WALSCH (NealeDonaldWalsch.com) on his newest book "The God Solution: The Power of Pure Love".


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Neale describes that during COVID-19, that many were asking questions such as "Where is God in all of this? What is the point of having a God if everything falls apart? Why isn't God stopping war, disease, and starvation from happening?"

These questions led Neale to contemplate why 80% of the population believes in a higher power, but that in over 4,300 religions we had no common definition of God.

The most common definitions are about God being a bearded white man in the sky that can judge, condemn, punish, and where a hierarchy exists. Neale defines God as PURE LOVE. It's a love that is offered freely and not conditioned upon us doing anything, commands nothing, or expects anything from us. It's a power that each of us has within us. He describes us as individual expressions of God, similar to waves in the ocean. Each of us has the power to produce outcomes that would allow us to experience heaven on earth.

In the book, Neale offers 5 steps to substitute our everyday suffering and experience it through the energy of PURE LOVE. Neale offers how we could take a common experience, such as alienation, and transmute how we relate and act if we were operating from Pure Love.

  1. Presume that a Higher Power exists.
  2. Describe the Higher Power as an energy that can be physically felt.
  3. Decide to call that feeling Pure Love.
  4. Make an important switch. Replace thought with emotion as the item in your spiritual/metaphysical toolbox to which you’ll now pay the most attention, and of which you’ll make the most use.
  5. Decide to put into action the specific feeling that God is defined as. Not just by creating and experiencing the emotion with which you respond to any given moment, but also by honing your ability to create future moments through the use of Pure Love as a tool of manifestation.


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